Freeze Precautions


Freezing weather is in the forecast.

IMMEDIATE ACTION. Please take the following precautions as soon as you read this notice!

1. Leave the heat on 24 hours a day at a temperature setting of no less than 50°. Keep all windows closed. Be sure to leave the closet and cabinet doors open under all sinks to allow heat to get to the plumbing.

2. Drip all your water faucets at a steady drip of about 1 drop every 2 to 3 seconds. This includes cold and hot water in all sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc.

3. If you have washer/dryer units located on any outside patio or in any outside closet, follow these steps to prevent those water lines from freezing and breaking:

• Turn both the hot and cold water lines off.

• Disconnect these water lines from the back of your washing machine.

• Place both water lines into the drain pipe (in the wall) behind the washing machine.

• Turn both water lines back on so that a steady drip (same as above) is coming out 24 hours a day.

• When you want to wash clothes, remember to reconnect the water lines.

4. Leave the faucets dripping while temperatures are below 32 degrees.

5. Leave all drains open, including sinks and bathtubs.

6. Bring in potted or hanging plants.

7. Cover Exterior faucets with towels then wrap with a plastic bag to keep dry, or those styro-foam covers.

8. Bring in your pets & plants.

When others in the area drip their faucets, water pressure may drop and you may have to open your faucets more.

DAMAGE TO YOUR PROPERTY AND RENTER’S INSURANCE: If the pipes in your home freeze and break, there can be substantial damage to your property and the owner’s property. The insurance on the owner’s building cannot legally cover damages to your property. You are required to maintain renter’s insurance to cover unexpected damage to your personal belongings from water, fire and similar hazards. Thank you for your prompt and continuous cooperation.

Thank you all for being great residents & please keep warm!

From San Antonio Water Systems:

We are entering a period of bitter cold weather from December 22 - 26 during which temperatures will be well below freezing for extended periods. For more information on how to prepare, read below and visit

Hard freeze? Cover Pipes Up!
Outdoor pipes and equipment in San Antonio need to be insulated and covered. For hard freezes:

  • Disconnect and cover hose bibs and any other exposed pipes
  • Allow an internal faucet to slowly drip to keep water moving in your pipes during coldest temperatures
  • Turn off irrigation systems at the shut-off valve. (There is no need to drain the system)
  • Check that all in-ground valve boxes have covers or fill space with rags
  • Insulate above-ground backflow devices
  • If pipes freeze, you can view how to turn off water at the meter to reduce damage here:

If your home has plumbing in cabinets on outside walls without insulation, leave the cabinet doors open to allow warmer indoor air to circulate. If you have unheated areas like a garage or shed where appliances are located, plan ahead and insulate pipes to washing machines, water heaters, water softeners, etc.

If you live in a home with pier & beam construction or a prefab/mobile home, insulate exposed pipes in the crawl space with store bought foam or fiberglass insulation sleeves. Or you can use old rags, bags, and tape to protect your pipes.